Worldwide routable Garmin maps: URL REMOVED

Lambertus does this mean the site will be updated?

PS: I appreciate your hard work in making the OSM data easily available to the general GARMIN user community. Great presentation through the clickable world map too.


Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes, an update is underway. I just found another tool: osmupdate, which is able to update a planet using the redaction period change files. I couldn’t find out how to do this using Osmosis, but this new tool did it just fine. Update is published only on the new site.

Thank you very much, Lambertus.

Does that mean that the ‘old’ site will no longer be updated and go away soon?

Yes :slight_smile:

Any problems with that? :wink:

Hey, I don’t know if the data update is complete, but I noticed a new map version date on the site so I requested a map for my area (SE corner of Arizona, bootheel of New Mexico) and it seems to be missing… well… almost all detail. In my immediate area there are only tiny fragments of roads occasionally remaining. I can’t imagine it’s a licensing issue, because I know for a fact that some of the roads were created originally by me from scratch and I agreed to the updated licensing terms a year ago or more, but they’re nowhere to be seen in the generated Garmin map anymore.

Aside from that, I also wanted to thank you for offering this service. It’s really great to be able to easily use OSM data on my GPS unit, as there is literally no other map that’s remotely accurate for my area. I’ve been showing the resulting map to some of my hiking companions and they’ve also been appreciative of how nice it is to have a GPS map that shows roads and trails where they actually are. Garmin’s official and expensive map, which I bought, is so inaccurate in comparison that it’s sad.

Well… uhm… yes … I guess something went wrong :roll_eyes:


Edit: The updated planet file is larger then the planet from April 1st, but the initial split resulted in only 94 tiles when it should be around ~1500.

Not at all, but I thought that the new site will use the old address, so the links all over the net won’t be outdated.


Correct: the old page will be removed and the new one renamed to the old.


For info, I have just tried downloading the PK-Kerachi Map ( from the new site and once loaded on my GARMIN it looks to be an OSM delta with no coast.



Yup, the current map on the new page is FUBAR. The website is now reset to the previous version.

I downloaded a map (gmapsupp.img) for Germany, including the Mapnik-Typ File but I see no
effect on my GPS device. So the map looks the same as w/o Typfile.


Thanks for the report Chris, will look into that.

Bah, I’m having a streak of bad luck :frowning:

First the problems not being able to maintain an up-to-date local OSM planet copy, now somehow the pre-rendering result of a new update has vanished into a black hole while being moved to the public website. No sign of wat went wrong, just that everything is gone, lost, foetsie, disappeared, vaporized etc. No trace of ~8 GB data to be found anywhere.

Don’t worry, this is just a preview of what happens on 21st of december 2012 with the real planet… :smiley:

Perhaps. Unlike a possible end of the earth I can simple start a new update of the map, much the same way the Mayans started a new calendar when their old one ended. :wink:

I’ve restarted the update which, if it finishes successfully, will have used the data from the last available planet of May 8th unlike all previous updates since April 1st which used the data from April 1st. After the update is finished I’ll proceed with my quest in trying to maintain a locally updated version of the OSM planet.

Good luck and thanks for all your efforts!

Hi Lambertus,
indeed a very easy way of obtaining great routable maps for Garmin. Thanks for the effort.
One question/remark: What rules are you using for mkgmap? I ask because most towns / villages do not seem to be rendered with a special polygon for residential areas.
Many thanks for the nice work.

Huh, you really got supernatural powers. How else could you know the exact date of license change :stuck_out_tongue:

Is this new version of your site stripping out data out of the maps?
I have several trails that I added to the OSM before your last published date (11 june) and they dont show on the map.

Did you accept the license change?