Wood/water inner polygons?

What are people’s opinions on the necessity of making lakes be inner polygons for wood multipolygons. They render fine in the default renderer with the water being rendered over the wood. It’s easy to resolve in other places.

I’m asking because CanVec is a bit of a mess of inner polygons and doubled ways in some areas.

I’m assuming the best practice would be to have the lake as the inner polygon and there not be overlapping otherwise identical ways?

Actually, they don’t. If you look at this example, you’ll see that there are trees rendered on top of the water, which is semantically incorrect.

The best way to do it is like you said: make the water an inner of the wood multipolygon. I agree that CanVec is a mess with its nearly-duplicate ways in these scenarios, but the correct thing to do is clean these up in each CanVec tile by removing the duplicated wood inner way and adding the water as an inner instead. It’s tedious and annoying, but gives the most-correct result.

I didn’t looked the example, but i think in no way is semantically incorrect trees over water. It’s just a case in the real world. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mangrove

Those are good points and an interesting example. I hadn’t realized that the tree type marker hatch would be rendered on top of the other polygons and not at a level just over the green fill. I suppose that helps with park polygon fill draw order as well.

It looks like doing it one way or the other does change what you’re trying to show. Thanks.

In the case of mangroves, the correct tagging would be natural=wetland + wetland=mangrove.

In almost all other cases (I’m sure there are a few legitimate exceptions), “trees and water” would be incorrect and just lazy mapping. That’s what I was trying to demonstrate with my example above, which in real life is an open body of water with no trees growing in the same place.

You’re right, and I didn’t know about this tagging for this kind of trees. I was supposing that all natural trees would be tagged with “natural=wood”

Anyway, I was refering to the rendering, not to the tagging, and in the wiki the proposed rendering is trees over wetland, which seems a good choice.