Wood no longer renders after snipping the boundary

The boundary of the Howardian Hills that I’m currently mapping follows the edge of Stittenham Wood.

I snipped the boundary of the wood to create a way down one side to add to the relation, but the wood no longer renders on Mapnik. Not sure about Osmarender yet.


Any ideas as to how to fix it?


You need to create a multipolygon relation for the wood.
Basically create a relation, and tag it as type=multipolygon (and probably natural=wood as well). Add the ways that make up the perimeter of the wood to the relation, and set their roles as “outer”.
Details on the wiki: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Relation:multipolygon

That did it, thanks vclaw

I would not split the wood area in 2 parts for the boundary. It makes the mapping a little bit complicated.

Why don’t you just draw your boundary over the wood, that makes it easier for most users.

You should tag your boundary lines like this one :
http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/way/48304660/ with boundary=national_park ( http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Boundary )


Thanks for the suggestion Matthias.

The reason that I haven’t done this for all of the boundary is that I wanted to make use of existing features and link them all together in a relation. So where it follows a road, for instance, I make it very clear that that is what it does. I thought that this was the way it’s meant to be done.

The Way that you’ve referenced above is one of my “filler” ways that I’ve used to join existing features together where the boundary follows no particular map feature.

As this thread has answered my particular problem, I’ll post a more general question and see what people think.