WMS map works in Id but not in Josm

Hello mappers,

if i try to add a custom background layer from the albanian government (ASIG), which provides WMS Maps, i just get nothing. No error nothing. The Link to the WMS Map is https://geoportal.asig.gov.al/service/adresar/wms?request=GetCapabilities .
But the Main point that confuses me is that when i paste the finished URL https://geoportal.asig.gov.al/service/adresar/ows?FORMAT=image/png&VERSION=1.3.0&SERVICE=WMS&REQUEST=GetMap&LAYERS=adr_ndertese,adr_numertim,adr_rruge&STYLES=&CRS={proj}&WIDTH={width}&HEIGHT={height}&BBOX={bbox} (with all layers selected) into the Id editor the map just works fine.

Is there something wrong with my JOSM or is there a solution for this??

Edit: JOSM returned me a HTTP 200 error couldn’t load tiles

The server seems to return the wrong EPSG projections.
If I change the projection for this server entry in the JOSM config file (preferences.xml) to EPSG:3857:
<tag key='projections' value='EPSG:3857'/>
or if I remove the projections line (<tag key='projections' value='EPSG:6870,EPSG:4326,CRS:84,EPSG:900913'/>) completely, the WMS is working.

Works for me with JOSM without any problems. Entered directly in the dialog at point 6.

Thanks for your answer.

The thing is when i remove or change the projections line, it still doesn’t work. Do i just save the file and then it should load normally or should i remove the layer and add it back in? Because it just adds the Projections back in.

Edit: Nevermind, you just need to edit the projections in the xml file and restart JOSM to get it to work. Thanks a lot!