WMS HowTo please

Hello There,

I’ve been working with JOSM and every thing is OK with the exception of the WMS plugin. I’ve downloaded the plugin and the WMS button now has the various options in the drop down panel (Yahoo, Landsat ect). I’ve got the webkit-image and the dll files in place.
When I select select to download a layer from the menu (Yahoo, Landsat, NPE), (at the 150M level) my computer becomes active as if it’s downloading. After a few seconds all goes quiet and nothing happens. I’ve tried waiting 15 minutes with no success.

What I wish to do is draw areas like nature reserves, parks, marsh areas. It’s usually impossible to walk these perimeters with a GPS so I was hoping to draw from an unrestricted resource.

Can someone help please.


PS I have trawled through the forum and wiki’s for help but I’m still stumped.