Wird der addr: Namespace mit Gemeinde/Landkreis in gepflegt?

Hi folks,
From reading the addr: and addr:suburb wiki page, I get the impression that Gemeinde/Landkreis is not tagged as attribute in the addr:* namespace in Germany.

Is that right or do I miss something?


Hi @dancingCycle ,

it’s a bit more difficult :slight_smile:
Landkreis, typically admin_level=6, doesn’t get tagged.
Gemeinde, typically admin_level=8 (but can be admin_level=6 in the case of "Kreisfreie Städte), is tagged in addr:city.

In some states like Rhineland-Palatinate there exists administrative constructs between “Gemeinde” and “Landkreis” named “Verbandsgemeinde” or “Samtgemeinde”, … admin_level=7. That is not tagged.

addr:suburb isn’t used everywhere, especially in the state Saarland addr:suburb is nearly not used at all. It is useful if the lower admin_levels (9 or 10) are not mapped or if there are streets with the same name in different suburbs/villages with the same postcode.