Winter imagery?

Is there a imagery provider focused on winter imagery? It helps mapping stuff below the canopy, like How to map trees in open street map? I’m asking in particular for France or Europe, but worldwide coverage would be nice.

Well not only that, fortunate to have both summer and winter sat imagery online. It allows to determine from above to check if trees are evergreen or deciduous or semi or mix. The flipping in JOSM is instant even while in the middle of drawing a line or mapping details for a node or object.


In JOSM, I often use “Esri World Imagery (Clarity) Beta” imagery for that. Trees are usually leafless, with long shadows. I find it convenient for mapping tracks or buildings under the trees. Unfortunately it’s not precise enough to map paths.


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As far as I looked at the available sources, only ESRI has winter images. They can be quite telling in some scenarios. But to find stuff under canopy, LIDAR and STRAVA just cannot be outclassed.

I think ESRI is the only one that has winter imagery.