shows Cape Town Ward Numbers as Location

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[5:28:06 PM] I am using windy and my location in the City of Cape Town is tagged Ward 83 - this is linked to admin_level: 10, boundary: administrative, name: Cape Town Ward 83.
[5:28:06 PM] Surely ward names are political boundaries?
[5:28:06 PM] The correct admistrative names are published here: Official Planning Suburbs
[5:33:32 PM] This also does not tie up to:Tag:boundary=administrative - OpenStreetMap Wiki
[5:34:00 PM] What is the easiest way to fix this?

Could you please give us a link to the OSM map showing the problem areas?

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This is Cape Town Ward 83 :slight_smile:
Seems to me part of Strand plus several other suburbs like Goedehoop, Strandvale, Gants Park, Strand Industrial, …

Nice, the official planning suburbs map is using OSM.

The problem area is City of Cape Town.

Detail of the problem is indicated by the comment of @Vinzenz_Mai .

My Apologies. The location problem is on both the website and app. It includes the whole of South Africa and Marion Island.

It seems it does default to some point features like mountain peaks (Jan Smuts- and Mascarin-) in some cases.

Can you explain in a bit more detail what is actually wrong? Perhaps say “at xyz website or app I press abc button and get answer def, when it should be ghi” or similar. do use OSM data around the world, but they also have errora around the world that aren’t OSM-based (two copies of Montevideo in Uruguay being one notable example).