Windows Tile Server?


I’m building a site that uses OpenStreetMap data and I would like to use my own tile server to get better performance.
Unfortunately, I only have a Windows server at my hosting.

Is it possible to install a tile server on Windows ?
I found only one post about it with no answers…


The usual tile rendering software is Mapnik , and there is a Windows version of that. Installation instructions here:
You will also need the PostgreSQL / PostGIS database, and osm2psql, which it seems there’s a Windows version of.

So it should all be possible. Though setting this up might be a bit complicated. I don’t know if there’s any good guides anywhere.

Mapnik contains an http server for serving tiles?

No, Mapnik just generates the tiles, as image files.
You can then use these with any web server you like.

Does it generate them on the fly?
Can I make a web page that access Mapnik and then returns an image?


To generate tiles on the fly, I think you can use renderd and mod_tile (an Apache module).
Though I’ve never used this, so I’m not sure how it works, or whether there is a Windows version. You may have to compile it yourself.