Windows Mobile 6.5 Apps for Tracing

What are the best apps out there for some one with a WinMo 6.5 HTC HD2 to use? Just getting started so what are the best getting started pages to look a?

With my HTC TP2 I use OSM Tracker:

I use the program to

  • display offline maps from the SD-card
  • display GPX tracks for my routes
  • record GPX tracks

Looks great and is open source as well. Thanks.

Seem to be having a problem downloading tiles. I cannot set the radian (km). Seems no values can be picked or typed in. Anyone run into that error before?

OSM Trackes needs some parameters to download tiles.

  1. Go to “waypoints”, “cmds…” and press “toggle download tiles” so that the program displays “Download is ON”

  2. Press the small OSM logo at the top left on the screen and choose “Settings”.

a) Go to “storage” and check that a data output folder is set where OSM Tracker saves and reads tiles (if you have downloaded tiles with the PC you must copy them into this folder on your phone).

b) Go to “Map” and choose a tile server.

Thanks, I actually downloaded the developmenty version and this appears to be fully functional out of the box. I sure do appreciate your help and quick answers.

for more apps in WInMobile look at and

My favourites are NaviPowm ans Gosmore … they use vector maps and you can record tracks while the map is displayed.

Drew_NL: OSMTracker will download tiles on the fly. If you want to preload tiles on your PDA, use jTileDownloader from your normal machine to download them, and then transfer them to the PDA.