windows.exe=Installer for Garmin BaseCamp/MapSource (Windows) missing

Between the files generated for ( the map requiered (Generic Routable testing new style) is missing the corresponding to the windows file (windows exe installer) for MapSource. Here I enclosed the link to that directory:

The server has generated four different configurations of your map:
•_windows.exe = Installer for Garmin BaseCamp/MapSource (Windows). == NOT PRESENT ==
• = Installer for Garmin BaseCamp/RoadTrip (Mac OSX)
• = Combined image for direct manual placement on the GPS device (gmapsupp.img)
• = A zip file containing the tiles in the request, especially useful for Linux users (e.g. QLandkarte)

I have tried to obtain the map, but in every ocassion the Windows file is still missing.

How big is that map that is generated? Is it a custom map or a country extract?
I know there are some limitations in the windows exe file that is created by nsis (< 2 Gb).

If there is no windows installer, you can use = Installer for Garmin BaseCamp/RoadTrip (Mac OSX)
Unzip it and place the .gmap folder to the default Garmin map folder. The location of this folder depends on the Windows version. In Vista or W7 this is: C:\ProgramData\GARMIN\Maps or C:\Users{user}\AppData\Roaming\GARMIN\Maps (please note this is a hidden folder!)

Windows XP: c:\documents and settings\all users\application data\garmin\maps

Or you can use to install the gmap maps.


Thanks to your post. It’s true. When the map’s size is smaller the system can generate the Windows.exe file. I have change the directory and it’s work too, but with this solution it would be necessary to swap the map files to operate with diferent maps. The exe file allow to work with differents maps at the same time, wihout modify the directory content.

It would be advisable to include an option to select the final format (Windows , Linux, Mac, …) before the compilation process, saving time and disk space.

Thanks again and merry christmas.

Thank you Enrique too for your question and suggestions.
I’ve added your question to the FAQ: