Windows app to manage GPX files?


GPS Track Editor is nice but it…

  1. doesn’t support moving items in the left-hand list, whether whole tracks or track points

  2. doesn’t support undoing/redoing (CTRL+Z/Y)

  3. is deadware and closed-source, so no hope of those features ever being implemented.

Do you know of a Windows app that supports those features?

Thank you.

Try Qmapshack

Maybe you can find alternative software via ?

Why not Garmin Basecamp or Garmin Mapsource (version 6.16.3 is the latest)? Mapsource has a less steep learning curve and is a good tool to manipulate tracks (split, invert, etc.).
First install Basecamp, then Mapsource. Installed maps are 1:1 visible in both programs.
Mapsource is available from:

Thanks, I’ll give them a try.