Will its trace removed from the map if the road was deconstruct?

Tracing in OSM is really my new habbit. I love my habbit so. But I’m really worried if the road or an area has been deconstruct, or the area has sinked by the water from melted antarctica ice in the future, will its GPS traces also be removed/deleted from the maps? If it is, then, I feel very upset for losing my interest. I hope it wont so.

If the road or area are not present in reality anymore, they can (and will be removed) from OpenStreetMap, as “we” map the current state of things, as verifiable on the ground.
Historical things, e.g. roads that are not present in reality anymore, can be mapped in https://www.openhistoricalmap.org/

Then the area won’t be verifiably here on the ground and it will be removed from OpenStreetMap, yes.
I guess we’ll have much bigger issues to be taken care of by then, though…

It seems to me that you’re confusing a mapped road (e.g. a way in OpenStreetMap) with GPS traces uploaded by users. Uplodade GPS traces most probably won’t be removed, while a mapped road/area might.


Do removed GPS traces still keeped in openhistoricalmap.org?

Nothing is automatically moved from OpenStreetMap to OpenHistoricalMap.

GPS traces are actually unlikely to be removed from OSM at all.

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