Will editing US Census TIGER derived data be overwritten with releases

Basically, U.S. Census Bureau TIGER data is incorrect in my area, specifically road names…entire counties’ road names…and they have been for over a decade. Will correcting these in openstreetmap yield any long-term results or will my contributions be overwritten by each release of TIGER roads data and ultimately be a waste of my time?

Thanks in advance for answers.

I don’t think so. Given the opinions about TIGER in the US community there will be no re-import. In fact, people do just what you described, that is - edit TIGER-imported data.

Plus one to RicoElectrico’s answer: That was a one time import. The data was not the best with bad geometry, misspelled names, etc. Areas that have not been corrected (best done by people local so they can field check names, etc.) are often referred to as “Tiger Deserts”.

Your corrections to the Tiger data will be welcomed and there will not be a new Tiger import that overwrites what you do.

More information about the Tiger & the fix-up project can be found on the wiki : https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/TIGER and https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/TIGER_fixup

Just a further comment: as already has been noted the TIGER import was a one time affair. A general re-import is clearly never going to happen and even smaller areas are extremely unlikely to be redone (any such import would maintain manual changes in any case). One of the reasons is that while newer releases of TIGER tend to overall be better, that does not necessarily hold true locally, I’ve actually seen TIGER were recent release have been -worse- than the old 2005 data.

But what you can do is use current TIGER data as supporting material when updating the map or fixing old TIGER. Have a look at the TIGER overlays available in all of the recent editors.