Will be it OK to give unofficial names to unnamed mountains?

Most of the peaks in my area (Kungey Alatau range, Kyrgyzstan) are unnamed. Together with a small group, we often go to these mountains and it would be convenient to give some mountains names. Would it be acceptable if the names are written in parentheses, thereby emphasizing that they are unofficial?

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Not really, however this may be a perfect use case for https://umap-project.org/

If name is in actual use more widespread than “our small group” then it does not matter than name is unofficial.

If name is used by just some small friend group or single family then it should not be added to OSM.

And thanks for asking before mapping it!

If it is a name that is widely used, even if it isn’t official, it is ok to add to the map.

Consider using loc_name rather than using parentheses in name (edited to correct error)