Wikipedia vs wikidata vs wikipedia and wikidata

Is there a clear preference among Norway community for either:


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There is no established consensus, yet.

Personally, I prefer a wikidata tag, but I don’t remove wikipedia tags, if it links to a Wikipedia article on a appropriate language. There is a lot of low quality wikipedia tags in Norway. Often the wikipedia tag links to the English article even when it exists a better and more comprehensive article in Norwegian. You will also find links to German and Spanish stub articles. Maybe mapped by a tourist?

Since Norway have two writing standards, it can be hard to decide which Norwegian Wikipedia to link. Wikipedia in Northern Sámi can also be appropriate in some cases.
wikidata tags are much easier in that regard, and I really don’t object to mechanical add a wikidata tag based on match from a wikipedia tag.


Wikidata links are not the same as Wikipedia links.

Wikidata is a clear link to an entity containing other useful metadata.
Wikipedia tags are text articles that may or may not be about the same Wikidata entity. (In these cases they clearly are about the same thing though.)

So I would say add both where there are useful information in the Wikipedia article.

In theory, shouldn’t the Wikidata entry include a link to the corresponding Wikipedia article? Or are there legitimate cases where this doesn’t make sense?

(I’m no expert on Wikidata - that’s just the vague impression I got as a casual user.)

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A well defined Wikidata entry will link to all Wikipedia articles in all languages yes.

So in theory linking to Wikidata should be good enough. But quite a few OSM apps use the Wikipedia tag to add url links to Wikipedia without performing extra queries etc.

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A well defined wikipedia tag will do the same (you can go to other language from the same set)

In both cases: some have broken linking - either matching articles are not linked or mismatching ones are matched.

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I do not think there has been a discussion on wikipedia vs wikidata tags in this community before, so there is no consensus as such I believe.

There is one user from the Norwegian Wikipedia community which is active in adding wikidata tags (not wikipedia tags) in OSM here, so the wikidata tag seems to be getting the most attention and structured updates. This way he is creating references/links for map illustrations in Wikipedia articles, for example for a national park.


By the way, Hub is a handy tool for accessing a Wikipedia article based on a Wikidata QID, a Wikidata item based on a Wikipedia article title, or even an OSM relation based on a Wikipedia article title, all without having to perform any manual lookups. For example:


Excellent, just tested Q3353889 in minimalist approach which found page then has a drop down to choose from 8 languages the article is available in (I prefer the language ref of the country the object is mapped in).