wikipedia template knowledge wanted

There is some people working with translations they are trying to do automatic listing of translated pages, problem is they want to move from Lang:Page naming to Page/Lang. i.e Beginner/sv instead of Sv:Nybörjare… can this be fixed?


[1. Automated linking to other language versions already exists. See e.g. Template:KeyDescription (which is used on all the Key: pages) and some similar templates.] – ignore this, see below
2. Forcing other languages to have the same page title is not the best idea for everything except key descriptions, imo. Still, it could be simulated with redirects, so that’s not really a problem – but this would require having a parameter to overwrite the basename.
3. Why use /sv instead of the established Sv:? I donÂ’t mind, but some kind of reason would help with acceptance.

Edit: Ok, I see now why you use the different approach, so forget about 1 (and partly 3, though writing the explanation somewhere would still be nice).

Thanks for the input, it was really helpful.

The problem is the guy who did this is either German or French and I have a hard time communicating that I think he should talk with other translators before I run a rename bot on all international Openstreetmap pages.

(english learn I need)