Wikipedia linking - are German articles preferred?

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Is it strongly preferred in Germany to use de Wikipedia if available?

Would it be welcome to change wikipedia tag in Node: ‪Rehhübel‬ (‪1447200908‬) | OpenStreetMap to German language version?

Would it be also welcome if German language version would be shorter than English one?

I am asking as I have QA tool detecting this kind of issues and I can

For Rehhübel I would prefer the German version since it has some content while the English version is very short.

In my opinion links in Germany should point to the de or en Wikipedia if an informative article exists in one of these languages. Other languages make less sense.

Personally I’m happy to navigate the language versions in Wikipedia, but I’m not so sure if every user finds the links. That’s why when adding new links I would prefer links to de if the article is reasonable.

I’ve checked a random sample of non-de links in Berlin and these were all en and all on objects with at least some relevance to international visitors. I wouldn’t go and change the links to de just for the sake of it.

Therefore I wouldn’t bother with changing en to de.

If there are links to other languages than de or en and a reasonable article in de or en exists, those might be candidates to change. How many of those links are there? A report for manual review is always welcome I guess.


For POI in germany: first choice is WP DE. If not existing or very poor, WP EN.

If both not existing, one could check for any other language, but these are very very rare cases imo.

I had one case where the only WP article found via Wikidata (for a POI in the middle of Germany) was in WP CEB

Cebuano Wikipedia - Wikipedia

which was most probably a result of a bot translation whoeverknowswherefrom …


If there are links to other languages than de or en and a reasonable article in de or en exists, those might be candidates to change.

yes, but only after checking that it is indeed the correct article in German.

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Yes, at least if the article is much longer or, in larger parts, more recent, then the English one.

For this example, and maybe all Germany-specific topics, the German article should be preferend, espeially, if the English artile is mutch shorter as in this example.

In my opinion no. German Wikipedia has many outdated or only emergency-mainained articles now. In addition, many parts of other article are splitted to become a new article, but this leaves unfixed holes in the old, splitted article and the new one lacks additional information, because of the, in many times, limited focus of the splitted part.

I use the English Wikipedia in most times now, as of the outdated information. German wikipedia admins deleted and censored most active editors away since years.

Based on feedback so far I will silence this reports within Germany for (effects will be visible mostly for me as reports were within secret hidden page anyway).

See In Germany linking English languages rather German ones is fine · matkoniecz/OSM-wikipedia-tag-validator@6caca0d · GitHub