Wikimapia mass-uploading OpenStreetMap data

Looking at Copenhagen in Denmark, for example, one can see that a large proportion of the Wikimapia polygons have been uploaded by bot from OpenStreetMap in just the last few days.

The bot has also been uploading to Stockholm, Vienna, Prague, Hamburg, Lodz (Poland), and, for all I know, may eventually transfer OSM content to every city in Wikimapia.

I am not an OSM contributor myself, but am curious about what is going on.

Any thoughts?

interesting, I’ve never heard of this project before.

Anyway, their licence is CC-BY-SA, so I think it’s ok to import to OSM, but I’m not a legal expert.


Hi Chris, it’s the other way round…they are importing from OpenStreetMap, not to.

If they are cc-by-sa, it shouldn’t be ok (see our license change) :wink:

mag das mal jemand zu talk-legal rüberschieben? ist nicht so meine Baustelle.

Ist ja wohl ein wenig “heftiger” als ein einfacher fehlender Lizenzhinweis.


I have reposted the request in our talk legal mailing list.


sorry for my german post. did’nt recognize the international list :frowning:


Hi santiago,

the info has been sent to our legal-list. They need more detailed informations to check the data. Can you tell us anything more about the data which has been uploaded to Wikimapia? Like: This Street, this Border, this Building, …

you can post to this forum; we will forward it to the legal-list. so you don’t have to register there.


Da wurden offensichtlich in großen Mengen Daten von OSM importiert.
Das meiste sind Gebäude und Hausnummern.

Eindeutige Beispiele aus Hamburg, keine Hausnummern, da nicht so einfach zu beweisen:

Teilweise hat der Import wohl nicht so gut funktioniert.
Vor allem die Übertragung von Punkt-POIs (Namen, Hausnummern) auf die Flächen.

Sind aber anscheinend alles alte Daten, von vor dem Lizenzwechsel.
Stimmt nicht, siehe:
Der Name wurde am 24. Oktober 2012 eingetragen:

Der Name wurde am 25. Dezember 2012 eingetragen:

Der Lizenzwechsel war am 12. September 2012.


OK, here is an example

Every single building on that screen comes from OSM, but seem to be very slightly shifted from their original positions.

As far as I know, no streets have been imported.

I was informed that advanced Wikimapia users in Western Europe are generally unhappy with this development. They would rather have a few objects with useful descriptions than many objects with no description. The first Wikimapia accounts used by the bot were banned by Wikimapia moderators. The bot is now uploading as a “guest” user (no account) using an IP randomizer so that nobody can stop it.

New data, same error (overlapping way):

Examples that show an area where every building in the area agrees exactly with OSM data are particularly useful.

Also useful are cases involving ways like 171350548 where there is some quirk or oddity that is there in error and would not be independently reproduced.

Of course, it also needs to be data created for OSM, not imported data, and after the ODbL switch.

Paul Norman
For the LWG

In my area only the buildings with addresses in OSM has been added which makes the wikimap look patchy. Partly because of this I am convinced this is an import. Here are a couple of the more obvious examples (post ODbL switch):

I found at least three examples of “my mouse cliks” into OSM that have been uploaded to Wikimapia after the switch.

  1. This building. The name of the building could be considered as an “eastern egg”, since I misspelled it in 2011. On 2013-08-18 the name was corrected from “Asunto Oy Amttoninranta” to “Asunto Oy Anttoninranta”.

  2. I name tagged (Turotie 3 A) this brownfield area on 2013-06-28.

and the latest one

  1. Niittytie, along with a few other roads around it have been renovated this summer. I entered this section of Niittytie road, today. While working on it, I noticed that the alignment of this section differs from the original one (I’ve got a fresh gps trace). It didn’t take long before the new alignment was (automatically?) uploaded into Wikimapia.