Wiki page for office=therapist

I seem to have found myself entering a wiki wormhole.

I visit office on wiki.

I notice office=therapist doesn’t show as rendered (but it is).

I notice the table is generated from here, but there is a link to edit a manually created table here (which is outdated)

I visit taginfo and it shows the status as both deprecated and proposed.

So I am able to figure out how to edit the data item to proposed, since I don’t see any link where a proposal was made to deprecate the use of the tag.

QUESTION: How does Template:Taglist - OpenStreetMap Wiki determine if the tag value is rendered or not?

See Template:Taglist - OpenStreetMap Wiki “The key/tag description must be available in the wiki in this language. Update the info box on the key/tag page for this to work (description will not used from data items)”

Presumably the same applies to other info? Not only descriptions?

I tried editing OSM Wiki: Difference between revisions of "Tag:office=therapist" - OpenStreetMap Wiki

Note "Updates will be available after the next update of taginfo, usually within a day. "

I opened Template talk:Taglist - OpenStreetMap Wiki

I checked the table now and it now shows the expected result. So I assume this is the result of @Mateusz_Konieczny making this edit. So this implies the template is reading the information from the info box.