Wiki pag 3D modeling

I started to write about 3D modeling.

Maybe you can add something from your experience in tipps and trics?

I would get rid of GIMP as tool for color picking. There are many different simpler tools. ColorZilla plugin for Firefox, for example. Just drag-n-drop photo into Firefox, call ColorZilla and pick whatever color you need from photo.

But, as some discussions here clearly demonstrated, problem with picking color is more in people than in technology. I mean, they don’t mind using photos made in cloudy weather, with wrong color balance and so on.

But why Potlatch? I’m pretty sure that JOSM is more popular for 3d building mapping.

Hi BushmanK,
add the ColorZilla plugIn to the wiki page, it´s very good idea.
And of course, you are absolutely right, the people mostly don´t understand the difference but we can pun in the wiki under tipps and trics example of wrong colour identification. Could you help?

I can add ColorZilla to this guide, but first, I need to understand, what’s the goal of this guide. Because experienced mappers most likely don’t need it, while newbies can’t start from 3D right away. So, this thing is a kind of unclear.

There are also intermediate users: no 3D experience, everything mapped in the area they live. Hhey will start but maybe don´t have 3D feeling.

In my understanding, intermediate == experienced. I mean, there are people who struggling with each tag and can’t read Wiki - these are beginners, and there are people, who can read Wiki and have no problem with editing tools - these are experienced. To do 3D, you have to be experienced in these terms - it takes some familiarity with tools, otherwise, even mapping a doghouse will take endless time. I’m not against this guide, just trying to figure out final goal of it.

And again, why Potlatch?

  1. I suggest to replace examples in Poltach (15.2%) with iD (>50%):

iD supports custom backgound:

  1. press “edit”

  2. press B (one of the buttons at right panel)

  3. browser will prompt user with custom tile source in Z/X/Y format

  4. “Ground plan” section: It is also worth to note that ~same results could be achieved with JOSM and - it works offline and no registration at Mapwarper requied

Hi d1g, sure. Could you add this example?