Wiki mapping event page

I am having trouble setting up a mapping event wiki page.

I have read the ‘How to’ page but all it states is ‘start the wiki page.’

I decided to set a page up straight throught wiki but it was later deleted for blatant advertising. Clearing doing something wrong.

Any help?


If you’re planning an event for a city, then maybe it’s best to make the city page first (see below). If the city page already exists then put a link in there to a non-existing page named e.g. city_date_mappingevent (or something like that). Then click on the link, you will see an empty page which you can now fill with your plan, an image of the current state of the city, suggested dates, where to meet etc. Work on the page until it looks good for starters and then save, maybe you can prepare the text in a text editor in advance. If you have everything up and running then post a message on the talk mailinglist to advertise your event. That’s it in a nutshell.

Look at the source of some other cities to see how you can create a city page that uses the city template, e.g.

Thanks pal!