Wiki key:hgv typo?

Had to take a refresher on how to tag lane usage for hgv going with uneven forward backward lanes with this sign (2 lanes forward for the uphill) prefaced with a sign a few hundred before, 1 lane backward for the downhill.

1st sign

2nd sign where 2 lanes forward has reached full size.

The tag hgv:lanes:forward=no|yes fully fits the situation.

The explanation for even lanes seems to have a typo, or 2, for sure no idea what the ‘line/lines’ is meant to be nor what the right line is.


The spotter may correct this or enline my as to what it’s meaning.

I think “1 in line” refers to cases where it has no physical separation and both directions are marked on a single way.

“2 lines” refers to cases where there are two carriageways, with grass or other physical barrier between them and are marked as two OSM ways

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OK this is a very plausible explanation for the lost me in translation. This sentence could do with an edit, maybe oneway instead of line, something like ‘If mapped as oneways, use the following tags on the right oneway.’

Can you link page where this is happening?

(note also that anyone can edit wiki - feel free to improve it!)

Done at Key:hgv - OpenStreetMap Wiki

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No, that’s not a typo. Round white or yellow signs with red rims indicate a prohibition in countries that subscribe to the Vienna Convention on Road Signs and Signals (whether they ratified it or just voluntarily adopted it), whether or not there’s a crossbar. So the round white sign with a truck in it means “no trucks”. The overall sign means “3 lanes, 2 directions, no trucks in the left forward lane”

how that is related to