Wiki cleanup

I did some Wiki cleanup. I did not change any content, only aesthetics and some wording. Let me know if there are issues.

Thanks for the effort!
I’m not sure the goals are still relevant, I think that most people who wrote them are no longer working on it.


Goals removed.
Added a guideline bullet point:

Speaking of out of date sections, I believe “Category:Users_in_Israel” can be removed, and “WikiProject_Israel#People_Involved” should be cleaned up of inactive users somehow.

I see no reason to keep users in Israel.
For some reason I can’t log-in to update the wiki, feel free to add me to the list of involved people, same as Zeev Stadle with the IHM link if you get to edit this page again.

I deleted “Category:Users_in_Israel” but someone reverted it. Come to think of it, this might have been a bad idea because it is used universally by all countries. I reverted whatever they forgot to revert.

category:users_in_city was deleted. these were very sparse anyways.

@Harel, what is your Wiki username?

Just made another update. Categorized “stray” sections into two categories: " Lists and Features of Interest", and “bots and imports”.

Are there any unmentioned major imports?

Yes, Tel Aviv addresses