why town is wrong?

When I search OSM for “Jalan 18/14” for example, the result shows this… “Jalan 18/14, Technology Park Malaysia, Seksyen 1A, 46000, Malaysia”

The road name(Jalan 18/14), postcode(46000) and country(Malaysia) are correct.
The suburb (Seksyen 1A) is sort-of-correct coz thats the closest suburb included in the map.

The town (Technology Park Malaysia) is wrong. Any idea why it appears and how to fix it?

this gotta do with nominatim and place.

latest search on Jalan 18/14 shows:
‘Jalan 18/14, Taman Sri Manja, Seksyen 1A, Selangor, 46000, Malaysia’

the order of address display is"
[road name], [suburb], [hamlet], [state], [postcode], [country].

if you refer wiki for place : http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Places

level 0 - city, town, village, hamlet.
level 1 - suburb, neighbourhood.

so need to take note because its a bit different from layman terms where
we say Petaling Jaya is a suburb and Kampung Pasir is a village!!!

My guess is that as long as we don’t have a definite adminstrative boundary, Nominatim will have to guess which level 0 name to use judging by distance.

We also have the tendency to put place = village whenever we find a kampung, but OSM treats the designation a little differently (a mistake I also did as a noob). Modern ‘kampung’, those already swallowed up by a citys expansion, is more appropriately tagged as suburb or neighbourhood (more accurate tagging since most kampung doesn’t have distinct boundary).

At least my understanding anyways…

p/s I see some still using the name ‘Kampong ABC’ instead of ‘Kampung ABC’. While ABC is a proper noun (meaning the spelling doesn’t change when we transitioned from old malay to new malay spelling), should the spelling of Kampong stay intact too? Just wondering…

Yup. And since OSM originally comes from the UK, and therefore (I assume) Nominatim follows closely the British address scheme:

House or building number/name
Road name
Local area or village name
City or town & postcode

On top of that, I have read somewhere (and if I am not mistaken) that OSM includes the thingamajig called topology… something… and we got Nominatim lookup style.

At least we’ve got rough state boundaries. Now I’m hoping (more like dreaming) if UNICEF could help us get the district boundaries for us.

I have put some in Kedah, from some non-copyrighted, useable sources. Nominatim searches in Penang and Perlis got crazy a little bit, unfortunately, due to the Kedah district boundary relations.

Agree. This is one of my main practices.

Sometimes I would omit Kampong / Kampung. These spelling variations is also based directly on the place name signs - I follow these closely. Also, I use the (US) National Geospatial Agency’s data - which shows variations. I happen to stick with what’s on the database - if it says Kampong, then I will put Kampong and so on. At least, when in doubt, we still can use the alt_name tag.

Hi from 2020, seems like nominatim is a long term issue for Malaysia suburbs