Why no forum users:Switzerland ?

Hi everybody

I just discovered that there is no country specific entry for Switzerland.

Is there any special reason for that ?

Switzerland has different specialty to discuss (f.ex. multilingual facts) and a quite good and interested community. And the forum users:Germany is quit overcrouwded. So Swiss people may have difficults to separate there own interests.

So please give a chance and open users:Switzerland. And please don’t forget: An own country specific forum will also be like a magnet for more mappers and other interested people.


Because I’m not going to create 200+ forums for each country just because that country exists. Only if there is a demand. :slight_smile:

I’ll create a Swiss forum. Will you write a nice ‘Welcome’ post there that I can stick?

Thanks for fast answer. I’m surprised that I’m the first one who is asking for that.

Anyway - Can you please change users:Swiss to users:Switzerland ?

Swiss is not a country!

After that I will write a welcome message.


OK, welcome message is written. You can stick it.

Done, thank you.