Why no E Mail Advise to Posts

Think I’m using correctly, I subscribe to topics, but I am not getting e mails to advise of answers.
Any ideas why?

Still no e mails on posts I make, why?

Is your e-mail in Profile set correctly?

Yes I think so, just checked it.
Please post reply in order for check to be made.
Also please advise what I should check in the profile to get e mail replies

I believe it is “Automatically subscribe to every topic you post in” on the privacy tab. Otherwise you will need to manually subscribe when posting.

Thanks, but I’ve already got that box “checked” & I’m still not receiving e mail updates.
More advise/instructions please

The people who normally answer probably read every posting, so don’t have a need for the notifications.

So if the normal posters read every post could one of them give advise/instructions as to why I’m not getting notifications, please.

What I’m saying is that they have no need for the feature, so probably wouldn’t know if it was not working.

But if these posters review all posts as you suggest they must see this one. Perhaps they would then think that there is a problem, somewhere.
For information I’m using Firefox as a Browser & Thunderbird for E mails & I don’t have problems on any other sites.
Just hope somebody can shed a light on this problem.

And what is your email host? for example hotmail is blocking a lot of mails.

E Mail Host is BTInternet.com, which I think use Yahoo.
I have also carried out another trial.
I’ve sent a e mail to myself clicking on my e mail link & the forums form.
I did NOT get reply!!

try a other emailadres

Think I may have found the answer.
Would somebody please reply to this post

Test message :wink:

Test worked, many thanks, problem solved:lol:

And how was it solved?

My e mail address was not included within the profile.
Thought that this would be auto entered when I registered. But I failed to check.