Why JOSM keeps shutting off after i installed lots of plugins?

For the first time i startup JOSM and then installed lots of plugins in the plugin preferences, but however once i restarted the app several warning and error messages popping up until seconds later the app closes by itself. I tried to open JOSM again and uninstalled it to make it’s data deleted, but still the plugins are installed, data is recovered, and one warning message appeared before again seconds later the app kept closing it, and i don’t know how to fix it. Can someone help me solve this problem please?

I would in this case start Josm from the console.

The console log likely will give the information on which plugin is problematic.

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Before you do the binary search, it would help if you could run JOSM from the command line with the --status-report option. Please file a ticket so that we can notify the problematic plugin, fix the plugin, or terminally deprecate the plugin.

Plugins behaving like this (it would seem one is “bad” in your environment) are certainly problematic. An approach which works (though can be tedious) to identify which plugin is the culprit here is called “binary search.” Essentially, you “split into a tree, two halves of it at first” (the first half with nothing or one plugin, the last half with all of them except one).

Start with a list of your plugins, if you have to do this manually on paper, that’s OK. Start by adding what might be suspect of being problematic, then in batches of two at a time, four at a time, eight at a time…and eventually you will add the bad one. Begin to back out the batches (of eight, four, two) until you identify the single bad plugin.

Then, eliminate that “bad one” from your plugins set and restart JOSM. This works, but can be tedious.

Also, if you aren’t already doing this, look for “diagnostic output” (sometimes could be in your Terminal window if you start JOSM via java via command line). Some sort of “Java standard output” is what you’re looking for.

Don’t worry sure, i will show you these steps on how to fix that JOSM data problem:

  1. Open the Run explorer by pressing the Window + R key.
  2. Find “Roaming” folder then drag the JOSM folder to the desktop.
  3. Startup JOSM via from the Start menu; this should work properly.
  4. If possible, reinstall JOSM and delete it’s folder to manually ensure that the cache and data is cleared.

You’re all good for now. If this problem helps again after doing it, let me know in the comments below then i will try to solve it, okay.