Why is North Macedonia still Macedonia on the map?

Why haven’t you changed the name of the country to North Macedonia? The bilateral agreement between Greece and it’s northern neighbour happened in 2018.

I see North Macedonia on the map. At what map are you looking at? Can you post a link?




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and there you see Северна Македонија (and not Македонија as you may think) which is the Macedonian name for North Macedonia. What is the problem?

Ah, I see. Two layers (Cycle Map and Transport) show Macedonia instead of North Macedonia.

You should contact Thunderforest/Andy Allen about that.

E.g. normally an English map would look like this with OSM data used: Worldmap online | Interactive Map in English based on OpenStreetMap data | osMap


The place to edit the name of the country is here https://www.openstreetmap.org/relation/53293 It’s North Macedonia in most languages, but there are quite a few where it still needs to be updated. Maybe your language is one of them, @George_Meachim ?

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@Andy_Allan does you map rendering prefer short_name over name for country labels?

Thank you. My language is Greek but what I see on the map is the Cyrillic alphabet (I think). So it needs to be updated in that language.

So you mean the main layer? But this has “Северна” (in Macedonian cyrillic as you say) as part of the name and that is “Severna” = “North”. The name is just written over two lines. First line: Северна and second line: Македонија, together= Северна Македонија = Severna Makedonjia = North Macedonia.


Adding a screenshot to confirm this:

@George_Meachim is this what you are referring to? If so then as @Spiekerooger says, it already includes the word North (in Macedonian). But maybe you are talking about something different?

(Note that you can just copy/paste a screenshot into your post in this forum if it helps).


No, that was what I was talking about. Apologies about that. I thought that first word was just the name Macedonia but in a different language.
Thank you for looking into this.