Why is my map much much larger than requested

I selected tiles from SE England to Berlin. About forty. But after putting the getsupp.img into my Garmin 60csx I can see all of England and nearly all of Europe. I definitely did not ask for more than SE England to Berlin. Garmin’s Mapsource though only shows those I requested?? Just wondering why?

Are you sure all data is coming from the downloaded file ? Perhaps some data is still coming from the default installed map of your Garmin ?

Thanks for the reply but I dont think so. All the map images in the 60csx come from the gmapsupp.img loaded into Garmin folder. I deleted the previous version. Unless something is going on I know nothing about.

You cannot delete the basemap because its in the internal memory, so I think you see the basemap.


It covers all of Europe and Africa. If not the whole planet. It goes on and on. What a waste of memory.


Yes, its a world wide basemap. Look at the details, you won’t find anything on that map. So it does not use much space.