Why is my addition to the map not shown in Maps.me?

Hi all,
I’ve added a waterfall to the map successfully, see attached picture.
However, I cannot find the waterfall in Maps.me, nor in any of the other applications I have that use OpenStreetMaps. Is there more I need to do than press “Save” to make it available to the public?
Thanks in advance and best regards, Leif

Ask yourself this, when did maps.me last offer a map data update? If as I suspect the answer is “not recently” then that is your answer.

I’m not sure if maps.me is getting any data updates at all these days because like most people I long ago switched to Organic Maps because maps.me is, to all intents and purposes, abandoned.

@Anton_Khorev : Just found where to see that info: it’s from 240209 (9th of February), which is just before I added the info. So it should appear in next release of Maps.me as they claim that they take fresh OSM data with every new app release.

Thanks Tom,
The map (Colombia - North) was updated just a few days ago. So, regardless of Maps.me’s potential obsoleteness, I should be able to see my changes on other apps that use map data from OSM, correct?
P.S: I can actually see that the little piece of trail that I added between the road and the waterfall is there, but not the waterfall itself. So the upload has worked but the waterfall is missing. Any tips or tricks on what may be wrong with my waterfall information (see below)?

Thanks @Anton_Khorev and @Mateusz_Konieczny :slight_smile: