Why dont the nodes have lon/lat coordinates, or even id ?

I have been using this query to get the bus routes. However, when check the members of a “route” (aka bus stops mostly) that are defined as nodes - you will see that they dont have any id or lon lat … Why is that ? And how can I get them ?

[out:json];area[name=Nicaragua][admin_level=2];(relation[type=route][route=bus](area););out;>;out skel qt;


In this list is for example a relation member with

"type": "node", "ref": 2468437832, "role": "platform"

. This refers to node 2468437832. So the ref is the id of the member. This part of the output just says that node 2468437832 is a member of relation 2602344 with role ‘platform’.

The nodes themselves are shown much lower in the data. There you can find all nodes with id, lat, lon and tags. You can connect the nodes to the relations with the id/ref.