Why don't JOSM show the tile info?

Recently, JOSM can’t show a tile info. I mean that JOSM do not show the tile information of the map when I click the right key of my mouse on a map area.
I remember JOSM can show that before. How do I solve it? Thank you.

Indeed … after right-click on a background tile from Bing images, the popup comes, but no result when choosing Tile information … open an issue on JOSM trac ?

Already fixed. See http://josm.openstreetmap.de/ticket/11456

josm-latest.jar(version 8423) can already show the tile info of a map. Thank you for all efforts about this problem.

I’m still missing the display of the “capture-date” of the tiles. :expressionless: (version 8481)
I used this to check the age of the tiles.

old versions of JOSM
old versions of JOSM

last versions of JOSM
last versions of JOSM

Is it possible to add the capture-date to the tile information box or to switch back to the old style?


Do you get the date when you click only after the tiles are fully loaded?

I don’t get your point…?
The tiles are loaded and then I make this check. The images show the difference of information. The whole red text in the old version is a combined collage from three clicks, but without changing the position of the images. (Center point at N 5.6287441 E 6.872352)

If you are fast after zooming or panning you can click when the tiles are not yet fully loaded. Please use JOSM-latest and clear the tile cache in the right click menu. If this does not help post here https://josm.openstreetmap.de/ticket/11456

Thanks, the cache clearing has helped!