Why does this city appear so small?

Rochester, Minnesota (Population 103,486) appears as a small town on the map. I tried to change this, but nothing happens. Cities that are smaller such as Duluth, MN, Appleton, WI, and Green Bay, WI still appear before this. There are no towns nearby that would cause it to not appear. If someone could fix this, that would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

I haven’t looked, but it might be that they are being shown based on the area of the admin boundary of the city. I have seen other discussions that the rendering should be based on population, but I don’t recall if this has gone anywhere.

It should change. Density shouldn’t take a city of a map. This city appears with towns of about 10,000 people, where as several cities of about 70,000 appear first. I don’t get this.

Rochester was tagged as place=town, which caused it to show up small on the map.
You had correctly changed it to place=city, but it can be a while before the map is updated to show this. And some zoom levels can take a while to update, especially those for smaller scales.
You can try changing the map layer to Osmarender, which is often updated quicker than Mapnik (the default map on osm.org).
See the FAQ: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/FAQ#I_have_just_made_some_changes_to_the_map._How_do_I_get_to_see_my_changes.3F

Also, I noticed you had added another node, tagged as place=city and name=Rochester etc. Having 2 city nodes close together can cause rendering strangeness, so best avoided (unless there actually is 2 different cities there).