Why does the trail I added behave differently that other near by trails?

Why does the trail that I added:

Cypress Lake Trail

look and behave differently than a near by trail

Old Airfield Trail

As far as I can tell, the two trails are of the same type and have the same tags.

Cypress Lake trail is drawn differently and does not appear when zoomed out. The Old Airfield trail does continue to appear as I zoom out. I would like the Cypress Lake trail to appear at the same zoom levels.



I suspect that what your are seeing is caching issues. See here for where that sort of thing has been discussed in the past.

Briefly - your browser will cache the map tiles that it has already loaded, and a “shift refresh” in a PC web browser will normally fix that. There’s also caching at the server side (it would be ridiculously inefficient if a tile was rerendered every time a new person wanted to view it), but that mostly looks after itself.

Both trails render in the same way for me on OSM carto (standard tile layer). Did you fetch the new tiles without using the browser cache (usually the shortcut for this is Ctrl + F5?

I did try viewing with a different browser (firefox) in which I cleared all cache data. Some difference in rendering still appeared. I looked again today, first cleaning the browser cache. Rendering of the Cypress Lake Trail is closer to other trails, but still a little weird. At a zoom level where the trails first appear, they are rendered the same. When I zoom in, different parts of the Cypress Lake Trail are rendered with black parallel lines. I’ve attached one example. Could this be due to caching somewhere between my computer and OSM hosts?

Anyhow, I’m reasonably content with the version of this trail now.