Why does the data change at different zoom levels?

Hi All,

I am new to adding updates to Openstreetmap, so apologies if there is an obvious answer to my question. Sadly I have been unable to find one thus far…

I have added road and building (house) details for a new development where I now live. However, I am getting some odd results at different zoom levels. In my quest to fix it, I have edited the data in Merkaartor, JOSM and Rapid … if it is a data issue I just can not see it.

The issue centres around a UK Postcode BN18 0XU. It’s in a village called Yapton, just to the south east of the junction between North End Road and Ford Lane.

The following results occur:-

300m zoom level - Details I entered appear (roads and houses)
100m - Grey area showing “Meadow Gardens Housing Development” appears
50m - As above (grey area…)
30m - As above (grey area…)
10m - A bit of a compound view between the data I entered and the grey area.

I am only getting the issue on the “Standard” layer. If I switch to CyclOSM the correct data (roads and houses) appears at all zoom levels.

I did the initial edits in JOSM and deleted an area with that name. The change seems to have replicated OK as when I download data now, I am not getting the “Meadow Gardens Housing Development” area in any data downloads (in JOSM or Merkaartor). The “meadow Gardens …” data does not show in either iD or Rapid either from what I can see.

Any advice or help in resolving the issue would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

Hi @Zak_Wynton and welcome to the forum!

That soundy like cached data that is not updated. Try refreshing the site in the different zoom levels. Depending on your browser there can be different key-combinations for that. Normaly it is “F5”, “Ctrl + F5”, “Ctrl + R” or “⌘ + Shift + r”. Just try them all.

I think the osm carto tiles (default rendering style at openstreetmap.org) do not all update with the same frequency. So depending on the zoom level it may take some time for the server to regenerate the tiles with your new data. But for the high zoom levels it normally takes only seconds to minuted until the tiles are rerendered.

Here is what I saw before pressing “Ctrl + F5”:

Here is what I see after pressing “Ctrl + F5”: