Why do my changes made in the umap table editor not get displayed on the map after saving?

Hello, I am posting first time here, so please, tell me if I am inadvertantly violating any rules!
I want to create a map. Into one of my layers I am importing a KML file created in Google Earth. This file contains a polygon and several polylines. The colours have all been set using Google Earth. After import all colors change to the default color, not sure why. I then want to edit the properties of all objects in the layer using the table editor. In the table editor I replace the color values with what I need and save. However after savon nothing changes on the map. Lines and polygons are all still there. But the colors remain unchanged. When However I use the editor for the layer, in other words, NOT the table editor, then I can change colors and they get displayed. What am I missing or what am I doing wrong? Any help is much appreciated.

Hi @skeplav,

your expectations are wrong.

In the table editor you’ve got fields like icon, icon-color, icon-opacity, … but these fields have got nothing to do with the display in umap. Of all the fields in the kml file, only name and description will be used in umap, see uMap/Guide/Import data files - OpenStreetMap Wiki

Hence you can edit things like colors only in the object editor, not in the table editor.

Which program exactly you are using?

Is OpenStreetMap data involved in any way?

Hello Mateusz, I have been using the tools provided on this website: https://umap.openstreetmap.fr/en/
The KML Layers , that I want to import were created in Google Earth.
There is no openstreetmap data involved, at least none that I would have imported or so.
Does that help?