Why do I get grainy map when zooming on OsmAnd+?

I have been a user of OSMAND+ for years and I love it
I’ve been experiencing this problem recently: when I zoom on a map the map enlarges but doesn’t adjust the resolution, so the map instead of being more detailed are just grainy


OSMAND+ 4.6.13 on Android 14

Instead of OsmAnd’s locally rendered maps you seem to be using raster maps. These can only display at the resolution the external source supplies. For fully zoomable vector maps use the built in l cal rendering.

Consider reporting to them directly instead. It has been suggested you try a beta version if possible to see if it fixes this. relief map breaks the zoom · Issue #19277 · osmandapp/OsmAnd · GitHub

Hi, I would first download all my maps again in case they are corrupted.