Why can't OSM show NON PAVED roads DIFFERENT than PAVED roads

I am DEFINING many UNPAVED roads as UNPAVED, Why can’t OSM show NON-PAVED roads as something DIFFERENT on the MAP PAGE than PAVED roads.
I have to select each road to ‘see’ if it is PAVED or NOT. If they showed it on the map as a different linetype, it would be easier to fix more roads FASTER


I thought the humanitrian layer showed this.
no plans On adding it to the standard osm layer.

In the rural parts of the western US it sure would be nice if there was a map showing surface=unpaved. ITO has maps showing speed limits, lane counts, etc. but I haven’t seen one showing roads tagged with different surface=* values.

The humanitrian layer does not show UNPAVED roads.

The STANDARD layer is showing UNPAVED ROADS (Brown Dashes) at CERTIAN zoom levels only.

Yes @ 30m,50,300m

No @ 100m(only partial dashed roads are shown), 500m and up

Why is Zoom @ 100m only partially there

look at



100m is there now, maybe this was due to the renderer being slow/over-worked due to recent style changes.
At 500 and up, lots of things arent shown to keep the importand things visible.

Also, the pink dashes are there because the road is private (access=private), not because it is unpaved.