Why can't I edit my maps in OpenStreetMap?

I have created many maps using umap.openstreetmap.fr but I haven’t edited any for about 10 months. Now I need to edit some of the maps. All of the usual map editing tools are gone.

When I right click on the map, I see a link to “Edit in OpenStreetMap”. However, when I click that, I am redirected to a blank map in the OSM Editor. It is not the map I created.

For example, one of my maps is:

Clicking the Edit link takes me to this blank map:

When searching for help with uMap, I note that support forum has shut down, and I was directed here.

How can I edit the maps I’ve created using uMap?

Thank you in advance for any help!

I think that option is for editing the OSM “background” map for the location you have right clicked on.

How you edit a uMap depends on whether you created it while logged in or not.

If you were logged into an account you need to log into the same account again and visit the map. An edit button will appear int he top right of the screen:

If you weren’t logged in you will need to find the “edit URL” which is different to the normal URL for viewing the map. Visiting the editing URL will cause the same edit button to appear.

The edit URL appears to take the form: http://umap.openstreetmap.fr/en/map/anonymous-edit/{map-number}:{some unique gibberish}. This might be visible in your browser history somewhere?

Maybe you are not logged in? First go to https://umap.openstreetmap.fr, log in and you should get the option to edit your map :thinking:

Thanks for the quick responses…yes, I am logged into the account that created the map. No edit buttons appear in uMap like they used to. Something happened with maps created more than a year ago, now that the uMap interface is different.

I was able to export the uMap file, then create a new map and import that. I can then edit that.