Why can Overpass not find parent relations in attic data?

Why does this query work


but this query gives a timeout?


So Overpass finds parent relations in current data but not in attic data. Both queries should return the same relations (in different versions).

You’re using weird double quotes. If you tested it in Overpass Turbo you could have probably debugged it. Other tips: Test on only one relation & choose a nearer date to now.

Discovering parent elements in a big dataset requires a proper index to do efficiently. My guess as to why it timeouts when using attic data is that Overpass does not store such an index for historical data. It basically attempts to optimize for database size, meaning that your historical query most likely iterates over all elements in the database and times out because it’s a massive undertaking without an index. If there is no other way to approach your problem, you will need to file an Overpass bug report and hope for the best: Issues · drolbr/Overpass-API · GitHub