Why are the old yellow tags showing despite my changes?

Hi, I have’nt done anything in OpenStreetMap for ten years. Whatever little I learned then is all forgotten. I thought that I might give it another go. But of course, I’m having trouble already.

I noticed a few businesses having changed name or location in Ennistymon, Co. Clare. I have managed to delete the previous location of the Salmon Bookshop and relocate it to where Daly’s Bar used to be in the Main Street. But Daly’s and a pint glass symbol are still showing up in orage colour.

Same with the ‘Oh la la’ cafe. Somebody had already entered it in the new possition, but did not remove it from the previous. So there were two Oh la la cafes. I went to change the name on the previous place to the new business named ‘The Milk Step’. But here as well, the old name still shows in orange colour with a coffee cup symbol.

I can’t even figure out how to access/delete the the information for the orange label.

Can anybody please tell me where I’m going wrong here?

Don’t worry. This is what the map looks like for me. On the bottom edge is the former Oh La La now The Milk Step, and the former Daly’s now Salmon Bookshop in the middle.
Just be patient, the map will show the updated data eventually, it just might take a while.

No doubt the data you changed got in, its just that you’re looking at a picture of the old data. Click the position where you made the change/add and hold on touch screen or right click with mouse and a menu will appear. Select query features. It will list all items in the immediate area of the point you hit. Select the one of your interest and all tags for it will be shown. If ok, all is dandy and patience will eventually be rewarded by an updated map view.

To force a fresh picture hit ctrl+f5 assuming you’re on windows.

I’ve checked in three different browsers. It shows the old labels in all of them. I selected query features, and it looks right to me, but it still doesn’t show on the map. Maybe you can make sense of this:

Maybe I should have started a new thread for this, but it’s still somehow connected to The Salmon Bookshop.

I moved a couple of other points to their correct position, but when I was to upload the 2 changes, the Salmon Bookshop was still hanging there in the review on the left hand side. The 2 changes are mentioned at the bottom of the page and can not be commented on.

It looks to me as if I am about to upload The Salmon Bookshop for the 3rd time. It doesn’t make sense.