Why all stat data about OSM edits by country on neis-one.org disappeared at all

Tools are in the air again :grinning:

Everything from neis-one.org has been down for at least a day, seem like they’ve had some kind of database outage.


From here on, X Pascal writes:

“thanks for all your messages. Unfortunately one of the hard drives on my server broke on Thursday evening and the software RAID did not work properly either. I’m in the process of setting up a new system. Sorry.”

Outage of neis-one.org database already lasted for a week, no backup system, no clear date that the database will be back online

It seems only way is wait site operator to fix this problem, and no known date of when will be fixed

There is a related discussion about it in the Telegram OSM group. As part of the discussion, people mentioned the importance of this tool that is managed by one person, but most of the community depends on it: Telegram: Contact @OpenStreetMapOrg

Important statistic data of OSM contributions only maintaince by single person too risky, we should have alterative site that provides of statistic data by country and daily basis realtime.



It back to normal now