why adding details to the nodes? (SOLVED)


I am happily openstreetmapping for some time, adding all kind of information to the nodes / ways I edit. I started to wonder, though, what is the real use of detailed information attached to anode / way / building.

To give an example: I recently tagged the town hall of a city, “upgrading” it to a town hall, adding relevant wikipedia info, etc. None of this information (except for the name) shows up on openstreetmap.org (same for bus stops and the links to time tables for instance - they are part of the node but there is no way to access them).

What is the current use of such detailed nodes if they do not show upon openstreetmap? A future usage in mashups? Are there any alternate rendering engines for openstreetmap (beyond the one on openstreetmap.org)?
Google maps make use of extended information in their maps - I was wondering if the future of openstreetmaps includes such a “rich” display?


I should have probably done a better search prior to posting a question… Anyway - here is probably the answer to my question: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/List_of_OSM_based_Services

WoJ, think you indeed found the answer to your own question. In principle the map rendering which you see on the main OSM page contains a lot of choices, e.g.banks, pharmacies are rendered, but book shops not. The philosophy being those first 2 are important to tourists others not. So adding the details you mention may “activate” others to make additional maps as you already found out.


There are several renderings on the front page of osm.org alone. Click the ‘+’ at the top right and you’ll see several to choose from.