Whole Street is Shifted

I’m new to Open Street Maps, and am using Mapfactor Navigator on my Android phone. When I look up my home address in the app or on OpenStreetMap.org, the address shows up on a different street about 2 blocks away. Mapfactor said that the whole street is shifted in OpenStreetMap.

Can someone please give me some specific instructions on how to fix this?



You could start by becoming familiar with editing the map yourself and after you have added a few things to the map, have a look at the streets in your locality and check that you house is on the map and that it’s address details are entered correctly and also correct any incorrect street names.

Hello Sam,.

please give us a http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Permalink to that place so thet we can inspect that data.

Tell us exactly what address you have entered on osm.org and in mapFactor navigator, and where is it located correct in real life.

What is the result when you locate your address inside Osmand app on Android?