Who/What approves/publishes edits?

Hello, I’ve made some edits to a section of maps that not only fix some errors but also allow me to create some routes… and I’m finding that some edits become “live” almost immediately and others take a long time (48 hours or more).

Can anyone shed some light as to the process of this?

Is there a method an edit can be fast-tracked?


All edits are treated in the same way. There is no approval process.
Depending on the zoomlevel you are looking at, it may take somewhat longer before your updates are live. It also depends on the map you are looking at. The default one on openstreetmap.org updates in a couple of minutes (depending on the load), but of course you have to refresh your browser cache.
Other maps (cycle map, transport map, etc.) which are available via the stack menu on the right, have their own update cycles.

Also not everything that you map is shown on the default (called carto-css or mapnik) map on OpenStreetMap.org.

Occasionally, there is a glitch which prevents a update from becoming visible.

Please include a link to the area or objects you have added that are not appearing on the map.

o yes, the routing engine is using a different DB, so while a new street may be visible on openstreetmap.org, it is possible that the routing engine is not yet using it. The database for the routing engine is not updated immediately, it takes at least a day.

There is no “fast-tracked” edit mode neither. Some OSM-based maps only updates once a month.

Elegant and precise answer. Appreciate it.