Who can make the Ljubljana orthophoto available in iD?


There are beautiful annual high-res, distortion-free orthophotos for Ljubljana (Slovenia) which are free to use.

We managed to make them available in JSOM.

However, many Ljubljana mappers use iD (notably some quite active micro-mappers). We don’t seem to have the necessary tech skill in the Slovenia community to make the orthophotos available in iD.

Can someone help?

It would be really great if we could get this imagery to iD.

A re-projection is possible/thinkable. JOSM also does this, as can be seen in the corresponding image layer info (here “Ljubljana: Orthophoto 2023 (WMTS)” info shows “EPSG:3794 → EPSG:3857”). iD is currently not able to do this itself. But with additional software or a proxy for re-projection, this would be possible.

That doesn’t just make sense in your head. :smile: So it’s not nonsense.

You may ask:

We are currently using your WMTS service (https://gis06.ljubljana.si/arcgis/rest/services/Podloge/), which only seems to support the EPSG:3794 projection.
Do you offer support for EPSG:3857 (Web Mercator)?
Is there a WMS or TMS service in addition to the WMTS service that supports this projection?
If not, is support for this projection planned?

EPSG:3857 (Web Mercator) is the projected coordinate system commonly used for web mapping and in services such as Google Maps and OpenStreetMap (OSM).


Apparently the 2020 layer works like a charm: https://gis06.ljubljana.si/arcgis/services/Podloge/DOF_2020_D96/MapServer/WmsServer?FORMAT=image/png&TRANSPARENT=TRUE&VERSION=1.3.0&SERVICE=WMS&REQUEST=GetMap&LAYERS=0&STYLES=&CRS={proj}&WIDTH={width}&HEIGHT={height}&BBOX={bbox}

2023 also works, but the colors are a bit weird on iD: https://gis06.ljubljana.si/arcgis/services/Podloge/DOF1_2023_D96/MapServer/WmsServer?FORMAT=image/png&TRANSPARENT=TRUE&VERSION=1.3.0&SERVICE=WMS&REQUEST=GetMap&LAYERS=0&STYLES=&CRS={proj}&WIDTH={width}&HEIGHT={height}&BBOX={bbox}

How is the data license?


Is only WMTS offered? No TMS or WMS?
WMTS could be added as TMS if EPSG:3857 is supported, but here only EPSG:3794 seems to be available.

These words are almost foreign language for me.

Are you saying that for iD we’d need the imagery to be available in a specific map projection which is not there?


I wasn’t able to find it, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it doesn’t exist. Maybe there is a WMS or TMS somewhere that offers the right projection.

I’m in lose email contact with the responsible person. Could you phrase me the question(s) that I should ask them? :slight_smile:

I assume you would have said so, but just to make sure: Is it thinkable to script a little intermediary bot that reprojects the image from EPSG:3857 to EPSG:3794 before loading it in iD? Sorry if this is nonsense; it may only make sense in my head.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

I think I’d first email to my contact and if this is unsuccessful I come back to you about the details to write that reprojection script. I guess I can do the coding once I know what are the desired input and output.

Could you just let me know what exactly I should ask the person that published/maintains the imagery?

Great, I’ll do that.

Thank you tons already!

Cool. If you change to TRANSPARENT=FALSE, the 2023 version looks fine, too:


I don’t know about the license, right now, unfortunately. But I can try to find that out.

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I opened an issue on the repository related to the layers that iD uses: Add Ljubljana high-res orthophotos · Issue #2220 · osmlab/editor-layer-index · GitHub For future reference, all iD imagery are dealt there.

Once we have cleared the license compatibility, we can create a Pull Request. I can take care of this (again, after license check).


Thanks so much! I’m trying to find out under which license this jewel is published.

Did you manage to talk to them? In Github an user said: glavna.pisarna@ljubljana.si appears to be the contact, since I do not know anything about their language, if you are from the region please reach out and clarify on the copyright first.

Thanks for keeping up with this. I’ve been trying to get back to the contact person I had been in touch with end of last year but they have turned unresponsive. I have the same problem as you: I’m not literate in Slovene.

I’ll try to find someone in the Slovenia community to maybe try again.