Which Windows software for offline viewing of lots of tracks?

I’m a postie who records each day’s walk on a Garmin Oregon. I download these tracks to Basecamp and, since there are so many, organise them by year and month. For Basecamp to work with OSM, I have to have the Oregon plugged into my computer.

I’d like to send the tracks to another person so he can review the tracks on another Windows PC but without the Oregon connected. He could view them on the web version but I imagine this is slow and unwieldy for lots of tracks. I’m looking for some Windows software that is:

  • fast and easy to use
  • uses OSM mapping data offline
  • handles lots of tracks easily
  • displays recorded time at each waypoint
  • ideally, display time and distance along a track from a marked zero waypoint

Why? You really don’t need to have it plugged into your computer. Basecamp works fine even without having a gps.

Hi, download the .gpx tracks directly to your PC from the Oregon. You can then open them in any compatible .gpx viewer, a web search will find many. I have often heard GpsPrune mentioned for viewing/manipulating GPS traces :- https://activityworkshop.net/software/gpsprune/ download link :- https://activityworkshop.net/software/gpsprune/download.html