Which ways is a given node part of?

Is there a method to find which ways a given/selected node is a part of?

I can find methods to locate nodes not part of any ways and for finding all nodes that a given way consist of… but I can’t seem to unveil any path to discovering ways from a selected node.

Maybe you can describe a little bit more what you try to achieve with JOSM? How did you manage to have a node in JOSM without downloading his corresponding way?

In iD you can simply mark any node and show all the ways sharing this node by pressing CTRL + ↑.

As JOSM has been mentioned:

With the node selected you can download all parent ways with: File > Download parent ways/relations (Ctrl+Alt+D). I think this is unnecessary if it has been downloaded using the normal bounding box as that download all parents automatically.

You can then use Selection > Adjacent ways (Shift+E) to select the ways connected to that node. They will then be displayed in the selection panel.

Never used API but this should be the correct call: