Which tag for an emergency access point?

I intend to start mapping the meeting points of French emergency services. Two tags exist to define these points:
emergency=access_point and highway=emergency_access_point.

I have a preference for the first one which, in my opinion, is not necessarily attached to a highway. It simply defines a precise geolocated point with an emergency number.
The second is, for me, an access site for help close to a communication route.

What is your opinion?
Thanks in advance,

Concerning Wiki emergency=access_point is a replacement for highway=emergency_access_point but mappers still seem to prefer the old tag.

I think both are describing exactly the same thing and one of them should be deprecated.

Are emergency access points meant or emergency=assembly_point? My province has finally enrolled in the regional program, mapped many in the adjacent one. They have each a name (of the location they are), and a unique EAP location reference. They’re maintained and operated by the civil defence service. You’ll also find direction signs to the EAP’s.

Good luck with that!

To my understanding:

  • assembly_point : people come together here in case of some desaster
  • access_point : In case of an emergency situation for a person the rescue service can pick you up here.

So, these are two different things.

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